Potentilla reptans, SE: Revfingerört, DE: Kriechendes Fingerkraut,
NL: Vijfvingerkruid, UK: Creeping Cinquefoil, European Cinquefoil, Creeping Tormentil

Scientific name:  Potentilla reptans L.
Swedish name:  Revfingerört
German name:  Kriechendes Fingerkraut
Nederlandse naam:  Vijfvingerkruid
English name:  Creeping Cinquefoil, European Cinquefoil, Creeping Tormentil
Family:  Rosaceae, Rose Family, Rosväxter

Flowers in Sweden

Life form:  Hemicryptophyte (creeping plants)
Stems:  Creeping, slender, thread-like, rooting at intervals
Leaves:  Alternate, rosette, compound, pinnate, dentate or serrate
Flowers:  Solitary on long stalks; 5 yellow heart-shaped petals, nearly twice as long as sepals
Flowering Period:  June, July, August
Fruits:  Rough achenes, numerous seeds
Habitat:  Pastureland, meadows, farmland, settlements

Native Plants of Sweden

Derivation of the botanical name:
Potentilla, Latin potens, powerful; in reference to the medicinal properties of some species.
reptans, creeping.
  • The standard author abbreviation L. is used to indicate Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778), a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, the father of modern taxonomy.